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It's not that our sex life is naturally awesome...
We just do what we do because we’re curious to learn more.

Hi, we're Beducated
(And yes, the bed stands for sex and all things intimate.)

We have revolutionized online sexual education.

Since 2018, our mission has been to offer a tasteful, contemporary learning experience that lights up bedrooms across the globe.

We are professional. Non-sleazy. Beautiful and definitely soul-touching. We want to be the friendly wise heads that awaken the incredible lover inside you.

For us, sexuality is more than mechanics. More than pleasure.

“Sexuality is the last frontier of personal development.”

It’s a super charger for our live. An opportunity to grow as an individual. To connect deeply. With ourselves. And others.

We believe: All lovers deserve their best possible sex life.

More honest relationships. And fulfillment of their desires. Moving towards their soul. This creates nothing less than a better planet.

That’s why we

  • offer first-class online courses about mindful sex and relationships and deliver them straight into bedrooms all around the world.
  • create educational content for soulful lovers, open-minded individuals and seekers of a joyful sex life.
  • empower individuals to become extraordinary lovers every single day.

This is more than clit bait. We go much deeper than that. We’re committed to proving the best after sex faces – and have done so in over 110 countries!